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Mission Australia:

Mission Australia provides several services for help, advice and employment for homelessness, families and youth who are struggling.


Mission Australia believes that ‘everyone should be able to live in a safe, secure and affordable home’ this is why their aim is to address the issues that lead people to homelessness and implement their long term solution to homeless clients, their families and community.

They have recognised that people have become homeless due to issues such as mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, personal tragedy and unemployment. Mission Australia target people who have been through bad times and work alongside them to help develop a personalised strategy to overcome the challenges they face and to break the cycle of homelessness.

They are working with many projects and work placements that help defeat the effects of homelessness by provide various resources to overcome problems.


Mission Australia wants to work towards every young person having a bright a successful future They recognise the transition between adolescence to adulthood can be very challenging for individuals as well as their families, friends and community.

Mission Australia provides support in drug and alcohol abuse, family breakdown, unemployment, homelessness and mental illness for struggling youth by helping them recognise their issues and develop their strengths. They support them in reaching goals as well as develop solutions, skills and competencies to achieve success.

The services include prevention and early intervention, counselling and case management, education and skills development, mentoring and residention programs. There are innovative programs to help encourage youth to stay at skill and take advantage of further education to increase the chances for better employment opportunities.


Mission Australia also gives support to families that are finding it difficult in providing a safe and nurturing environment for their children. They start by understanding individual’s situations and derive a plan to help overcome the most immediate challenges, while building resilience within the family. There is then prolonged support to ensure families are becoming stronger through counselling, case management and residential programs.

They have many services to ensure the children will be safe and healthy at all times while keeping in mind the importance of the families mental health.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Mission Australia understands that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are among some of the most disadvantaged groups in our society. They are dedicated to assisting individuals by giving them the resources to increasing the quality of life. This is done through creating a relationship between Mission Australia and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and addressing the major areas of need, which include learning and developing skills in education, employment and lifestyle choices.

This support has helped communities become more interested in providing job and moral support as well as having a better outlook on those who are involved in the support process.

Mission Australia has provided an innovative and important solution to several different problems in Australia’s society that can be easily missed. The service is friendly and confidential which makes it appealing to its audience unlike some more invasive services. It is giving individuals the chance to make big changes to their lives and develop their plans and opportunities to strive towards having a better future. 

The development in social organisations is positively effecting societies, communities and individuals.


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It sounds like a fantastic program...I actually donate to Mission Australia myself but embarrassingly have a very limited understanding of the inner workings. Do you know if they outsource their counseling services or is it all conducted by Mission Australia employees or volunteers?

Fergus Creese

Thats great lucy!
Mission Australia prodominatly conduct their services through their company but are able to offer outsourcing to areas which they are not able to address, similar to ourselves.


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