City to Street

City to Street

We are a socially responsible organisation who are raising awareness on employment for disadvantaged job seekers by guiding and encouraging individuals to work towards a positive employed future. 

Our vision is to provide struggling jobseekers, migrants, homeless and disadvantaged youth with the resources and contacts to gain employment.

Our team have a directed aim to stop poverty and give individuals the resources they need to build a better equality of life and the skills and resources to help reach this. 

City to Street will
provide various excelent resources to get you back up on your feet within the workforce including:

  • One on One Consultancy: to give individuals the opportunity to help understand your needs and wants for your future in the workforce. 

  • Our Own Job Listings: Our friendly team will directly provide employment within our event organisation to provide the necessary skills needed to enhance future job opportunities. 

  • Follow-up Consultancy:  We will be there for you every step of they way and if you are not happy with your placement we can help decide where you would like to head by developing your goals for the future. 

Why use our services

  • Our service is completely free and confidential
  • We will give you on the spot temporary employment if you are a struggling jobseeker
  • We will guide you in the direction of receiving full or part time employment
  • We will help you understand legalities within your employment
  • We will encourage you to lift your social standards
  • We can help you work around debt 
  • We will help you understand what your direction is in life