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Homeless World Cup was structured as a non-profit organization focused on alleviating homelessness through the power of sport through its partner organization. It is an international football tournament, where team formed up by people, who are completely homeless. The event has been held annually in countries around the world.

The people who are involved in Homeless Word Cup must:

* Have been homeless

* Be male or female and at least 16 years old at the time of the tournament

The Story

The idea of Homeless world cup is regarded as a social entrepreneurship venture, evaluated by Mel Young. “Social entrepreneurs employ entrepreneurial principles and innovative solutions to organize and manage a venture in order to create positive and widespread change, often in response to society’s most pressing social problems.”

In the early 1990’s, high unemployment rate and others social problems was significantly rising, in response to these situation, Young was motivated to attempt something to help homeless after he read the “Big Issue”. He fully understood homeless people, how they are struggling and facing with their life. And the result was a social enterprise what was self-financing after several months of taking off.

Young quickly started brainstorming various ways to connect homeless people together from different parts of the world. Then he realized football, a sport popular through the world, would be the best solution to connect homeless people. As a social entrepreneur, Young guarantee Homeless World Cup to fill the gap between what traditional non-profits were providing (food, homeless shelters…) and the real need- getting homeless people off the streets by inspiring them with motivation to be an active member of society and to create positive change in their lives.

Once Young had done that, he concentrated on marketing mode, promoting the venture to attract sustainable partnerships to fund and sponsor the venture and its annual tournament. As a result, he built a strong relationship with nearly 30 sustainable partnerships.

Currently the venture has been significantly successful. 58 nations annually gathers together to participate the event leading to dramatic growth in sponsorship revenue and donation.


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pete zwiers
5/15/2011 08:54:44 am

I have volunteered with Street Soccer here in Melbourne and seen first hand the great effect it can have on those at risk of homelessness. It provides a motivational tool and structure in a supported environment that means a lot to those taking part. Hopefully this initiative continues for many years in the future.


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