City to Street
Being homeless or disadvantage affects so many people. It’s a very real situation and it is very often misunderstood. We often have these stereotype views of certain people, and often the homeless are looked at some kind of people that are just too lazy to get a job or lacking of motivation. However the picture is a bit different. Disadvantage and homelessness often happens because of job loss, mental illness, violence or being troubled teenager running away. Fortunately there are many great ways to help these people, and City to Street is very proud being a part of that.

According to the HS director at Mark & Spencer, hiring and get homeless and disadvantage people out in job are not just ethically right, but it also benefits the businesses. They learn to be more diversified. Mark & Spencer launched its Marks & Start program seven years ago. That is a program that helps homeless and disadvantage people to boost and develop their skills for employment so they can seek jobs and re join the workforce. It helps them building confidence, communication skills and motivation. According to a survey this have been very successful. It was 4500 people that participated in this program and over 50 per cent have joined the labour market now, and half of them are working at Mark & Spencer. Its great that big organisation out in the corporate world take initiatives to something like this.

There is also a great website called This is a web site created for people who want to tackle and help out all the homeless people in Australia. Here they can share ideas, resources and information. Internet its not just a tool for giving out information, it’s a place where people can communicate and participate in important issues. It creates a community of people who wants to share ideas, communicate with each other, work through the issues they are facing and come up with new great ideas.


Jia wen Tan
5/7/2011 02:23:32 pm

I like the idea of helping individual to work and lead them to a bright employed future. Especially help homeless and, migrants who may not original citizens in Australia.
I am from bikee businiess (Jia wen Tan), hope u come to our web and leave comment too.^^ Thanks!
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Kine Kostamo
5/14/2011 10:01:20 pm

Yes its important to give everyone a second chance. We all can do wrong choices here in life so its good that there exist an opportunity to get back on the right track again.


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