City to Street
The development of human welfare by department of human services Melbourne

There are many strategies used in the development in human welfare and how to cater for the needs and wants from individuals.

Their service focuses on housing, disability, workforce, youth, families, community and performance aspects of individuals. They develop programs on aspects that could be improved in basic procedures that are easily understood and simple to follow.


from my perspective city to street looks like they are bringing all the resources needed to not only obtain employment but give a advice type network to help build the lives of disadvantaged people. Great work

Dung-Bikee Inc.

As your services are free to customers, I would like to know how you fund and sustain your business. Also, who are your competitors? Are they doing the same things for free?

Fergus Creese

Hi guys, we are providing a free service for individuals who are struggling to obtain jobs or advice in areas to develop their lives away from poverty. We will use our events, government grants, donations and our newsletter to fund our organisation.

Mission Australia are our closest competitors but our aim is to work together will all organisations who are offering similar aspects to cross provide services in the best interest of the consumers.

Thanks for your questions!


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