City to Street
How to guide disadvantage and homeless people in the right direction.

Every person deserves a second chance and that is what City to Street are interested in giving those people. Offering help to people with tailored program that suits each individual person, can help in achieving a very positive outcome. One organization in England that have specialized themselves in this area is “ Prince’s Trust”. They provide a program that is helping to break the life cycle of dependence on welfare support, unemployment. Also they are helping young people to see new opportunities and progress further in life, something that for many people think it’s not possible. They are helping people creating a better future for themselves, their families and the community they belong in (McElherton 2010).

This is what one of the member to Prince’s Trust experienced and wrote about:

"I am 17 years old and I joined the Prince’s Trust because I needed a change, something to support me and guide me in the right direction for a more positive life. Before I joined the Team Programme, I was involved in a lot of crime, drinks and some drugs. Nothing else mattered to me but my bad habits. I had no future, but the big dark lonely hole that I was slowly sinking into.

I thought it was the start of the end of my life, until 12 weeks ago, when I joined the Prince’s Trust Team Programme. Now I have all sorts of new qualifications and experiences and I’m doing very well. I now have something to wake up for in the morning for and I’m hoping to get on to a course in personal training”.

(McElherton, L. 2010)

Its important to do something about this now, to get these people into jobs and training skills, because the number of disadvantages and homeless people in Australia is staring to get high. City to Street wants to reach out to these people and give them the confidence and skills so they can enter the workforce. By this they can break out of the unemployment cycle and poverty. By helping and transferring these people will do a huge impact on their life, their families and communities but also of the country’s economy (Hannah 2011).


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